Consultants in Church Media Systems & Acoustics

All Church Sound is a consulting firm working exclusively with churches locally and nationwide. We provide analysis and design solutions for room acoustics, plus the analysis, design, testing, tuning and training of media systems.

Whether new construction or an existing facility, we provide design solutions which result in:

  • Natural sound without echoes
  • Speech that is clearly understandable
  • No hum, buzz or static
  • No feedback
  • Choir and band who can hear themselves and who can each be distinguished in the mix
  • Even sound in all seats
  • Uniform lighting for the congregation
  • Platform lighting to help focus the attention of the congregation
  • Video projection with screens located to minimize head and eye movement while providing the brightness required so the lights don’t need to be dimmed or turned off

The final performance level of your facility and media systems is based on the quality of the information you receive and how closely you choose to follow it. The clients who have heeded our advice have been very happy with the end results.

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