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Church Sound & Acoustics Questionnaire

Blake Engel, All Church Sound

Do you want to know what your church congregation really thinks about your sound reinforcement system? Are you afraid to ask because it seems like it might be opening a can of worms?

This simple survey will help you find out where your congregation stands when it comes to their satisfaction with the existing sound reinforcement system. There are three parts--

  1. Use & Results Interpretation (Instructions)
  2. Questionnaire (two forms side-by-side on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper)
  3. Results Sheet (page for compiling data)


All you need to do is download the (3) Adobe PDF files, print them out, make copies of the questionnaire, have them filled out, compile the data, and then you'll know where your congregation stands.

Forms: (Adobe Acrobat Reader required, download it here)

Interpretation (Instructions)




We'd love to see your data--please e-mail us with your information!